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Occupation Project

On February 21, when Congress was trying to figure out how much money they would hand Bush to continue the bloodbath in Iraq, members of NWOPC had a better idea. "Don't send him any money." Members decided to go to our congresswoman, Marcy Kaptur, let her know how we feel  and stay there until  she understood. 17 of us marched to her office in Toledo early that morning demanding an end to the money flow that keeps the bloodbath in business.
Learn more about the   Occupation Project   and    Voices  For Creative Nonviolence, a campaign of resistance to end the Iraq War and the "Global War On Terror".

Occupation Project 1
Occupation Project Kaptur's Office 02/21/2007
After talking to the staff and being told Kaptur wasn't available we informed them that we would be staying until she agreed to vote  no to any funds to continue the occupation and bloodbath being imposed on Iraq.

Occupation Project 2
Occupation Project Kaptur's Office 02/21/2007
Members made themselves at home and filled the office with determine constituents preparing themselves for a long stay, occupying their space to give them just the slightest taste of what occupation feels like.

Occupation Project 3
Occupation Project Kaptur's Office 02/21/2007
Members read the names of all the troops that had lost their lives, to date, as a result of the pack of lies that took us to war with Iraq along with the names and ages of hundreds of Iraqis who have perished as a result of this wrongful act.

Occupation Project 4
Occupation Project Kaptur's Office  02/21/07
The occupation continues as members await for word that Kaptur agrees to our demands to represent her constituents by not voting for funds to continue the injustice we've imposed on Iraq.

Occupation Project 5
Occupation Project Kaptur's Office  02/21/2007
Members continue to read names throughout the day to honor the dead and to impress upon the staff that these are real people who are dying as a result of  the policies passed by our representatives in Congress and the White House.

Occupation Project 7
Occupation Project Kaptur's Office 02/22 07
At around 12:30 AM, with 10 occupiers still waiting, some 15 hours of occupation still hadn't convinced Kaptur to do the right thing and the police were called to tell her constituents to leave and to arrest those who refused.

Occupation Project 6
Occupation Project Kaptur's Office  02/22/2007
Four courageous individuals decided it would be a small price to pay to risk arrest and continue to stand firm in the hopes the community and our representatives would hear the cry for justice, and to seek answers to what it means to continue to spend our tax dollars on an immoral and brutal occupation of a country for no other reason than the spread of U.S. empire and the pursuit of profit.

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