Join us Every Sunday from noon — 1:30 p.m. For a demonstration against intervention, occupation and war, to condemn remote control killing by drone warfare and to amplify the demand for justice so peace can prevail.

Notes: Locations for April

  • First Sunday (April 2): Reynolds and Heatherdowns Map
  • Second Sunday (April 9): **UPDATE** Hands Off Syria Central and Secor Map
  • Third Sunday (April 16): Monroe and Collingwood Map
  • Fourth Sunday (April 23): Alexis and Monroe Map
  • Fifth Sunday (April 30): Bancroft and Secor Map

Notes: Locations for May

  • First Sunday (May 7): Conant and Anthony Wayne Trail Map
  • Second Sunday (May 14): Central and Secor Map
  • Third Sunday (May 21): Summit and 108th Map
  • Fourth Sunday (May 28): Alexis and Monroe Map

Have Banner, Will Travel!

We'll bring a Sunday Demo to a corner near you.

Contact NWOPC to suggest a corner of YOUR choice.
You bring some peeps, we'll bring some peeps-
and join together in protest against war and injustice!

U.S. Casualties Both Wars:
Iraq: 4486
Afghanistan: 2313
Total: 6799


In light of the ongoing siege of Gaza and the never ending oppression of Palestinians in the West Bank, NWOPC has an established policy in our points of unity which was created in 2001 concerning the open issues of conflict between Israel and Palestine.